Monday, December 15, 2014

Adventures await!

I meant to write a post earlier but I kept forgetting or getting sidetracked. We moved, successfully. We were supposed to move the 4th but on the 1st I got a text from my loving husband saying we were going to be moving that night. I was very okay with the idea. We had all of our stuff taken the 28th of November so all I had to manage was what was in the car. We stayed one night with my mom, one  night in a hotel in a nearby town, one night in a hotel where we are now and then finally we were able to move into the house we are living in now.

I am a pretty flexible person. I adapt to change pretty well for the most part and I feel as though, those who know me would agree. A week before we left, we had a totally different apartment, we didn't know we weren't going to get to live there until two hours before we were supposed to be handed the keys to it. I did get stressed because I didn't know what was going on but I'm proud to say we survived.

When we left we had the car loaded full and didn't have room for a crate for the cat. So, she made the trip upon what ever she decided was suitable. She slept near my feet for a while and occasionally ventured back to find cubbies she could fit in. I have to laugh when I look at this photo because when we first started out she wasn't sure if she was okay with Seth's driving. However, she got used to the curves and bumps and slept most of the time.

While this move and transition has been overwhelming, I am happy to say that all three of us made it and are thriving.

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