Wednesday, October 15, 2014

People I want to push in front of a bus

37 days. As of today (October 15) we have 37 days until Seth graduates. He has been gone a total of 114 days. One thing that people keep telling me is that the time will fly by. I want to punch people who say that. Time hasn't flown by and it still isn't flying by. Time moves much slower. Each day lasts about a week. Each second at least an hour. We knew what we were getting into when he enlisted. I fully expected this to hurt. I expected time to move slowly and I expected to miss him. I do not regret his/our decision and I support him. However, on nights when I am freezing to death and my human heater is not beside me, I am thrown back to day one again. Then those 37 days feel like 37 weeks. I can easily say we are very blessed. Seth got an amazing MOS (job) and will have a 9 to 5 job unless he is training or doing something out of the ordinary. He has a safe job and I don't really have to worry about him getting deployed. We will have a steady income and all the perks that the military provides. We knew beforehand that this blessing did have its downsides. We are prepared and our relationship is stronger each day.

With all that being said, since he enlisted and shipped out, I have gotten some comments from people. Some are harmless but hurtful. Others are just stupid. If you know a spouse of a serviceman (or woman) please don't let these things come out of your mouth.

"Cat's away mouse can play"
"Oh aren't you afraid he will cheat"
"What will you do if he gets killed at basic, that happens you know."
"You must be poor for him to want to enlist"
"That was a stupid decision to make"
"You two jumped into this too soon, you should have asked me first"
"The military is going to brain wash your husband"
"What are you going to do if he gets ptsd or something and strangles you"
"Don't worry, these 6 months will fly by."

There are really funny lists on the interwebs. I laugh when I read them because I have heard it all. Yes, we knew fully what we were doing when he signed up. Yes we have done our research and talked and prayed for a long time. No, we didn't jump into this. Yes, I am proud of my husband and will defend and support him. No, Im not a violent person but I may be needing a character witness one of these days! (Kidding, possibly)


  1. Maddie
    I retired 6 months ago. For many years I had a strenuous job and regularly put in 60 to 70 hours weeks. By Wednesday I was tired and by Friday it was exhaustion, even a weekend was not enough to recover. Like you the time seemed to go by like an arthritic snail; so I did something. Instead of looking forward I turned my attention to how much had passed. In retrospect the years (over 50 of them had flown), and before I knew it, the goal had been reached. When my fellow workmates used to say how lucky I was to be so close when they had so much longer to go, I passed that thought on to them. Sure enough, many said it worked and made thing more bearable. Try it, you two are short timers now; he will be home before you know it!! Also think of the positives, he is safe, thank God, and he has a good MOS. One last thing to both of you---Thank you for your service and good luck


    1. Rick,
      Nice to meet you by the way!
      It hit me how much time has passed when I counted how many days we have made it through since he left. I have tally marks on our white board and the fact that there are way more under the days down column than the days to go column make this so much easier. I am very grateful for his job and I just can't wait for him to be home.

      Thank you!

  2. People are so 'stupid' in their kindness sometimes! Best of luck with your remaining time!


    1. Wilma,
      Thank you. 36 days today. Happy dance! Yes people do tend to be stupid in their kindness and also those who do not have kindness backing their words. I am just letting it roll off my back.

      : )